Our Story

Our Origins:

Burgerway is a family business that has been nurtured by the Gebril Family, with a singular goal in mind: delivering top-notch service and excellent food consistently. To the Gebril Family, this endeavor is not just another business venture; it is an extension of their 30-year commitment to the New Haven Community and the state of CT as a whole.

Three decades ago, they dived headfirst into the New Haven Pizza scene, providing reliable, polite, and compassionate service, while using only the finest, natural ingredients. Their dedication paid off, and in the mid-2000s, Est. Est. Est. Pizza was recognized as one of the top 10 Pizzerias in New Haven, CT. This triumph led to the expansion of their restaurant into pizza trucks, a burger truck, and even a ghost kitchen!

Our Passion:

We are dedicated to upholding the high standard that we have established over the years, as well as the standard that our customers have come to expect. Our main focus is on creating exceptional culinary experiences, one bite at a time. If you're searching for an ordinary burger, this is not the place for you. Our specialty is our 100% Angus beef smash burgers, crafted with fresh ingredients and delectable toppings. It is our privilege to share our passion for delicious food at an affordable cost with the people of New Haven. Who says eating well has to break the bank? At Burgerway, we always prioritize your satisfaction. We offer quality food at a fair price, and there's only one way to experience it : the Burgerway!

New Beginning:

After 15 years since the establishment of Est. Est. Est. Pizza, we decided to venture into the world of food trucks. To our delight, our customer base across Connecticut showered us with praise! Inspired by their positive response, we expanded our offerings and introduced Burgerway, initially as a food truck, and later as a ghost kitchen.

Excitingly, our cousin has recently joined our team, bringing fresh ideas and the same passion for delivering high-quality food and exceptional experiences. The overwhelming positive feedback from customers in Fairfield and Hartford counties has been truly humbling. It became clear that our customers desired more, and we genuinely enjoyed serving them! Therefore, we made the decision to re-enter the New Haven restaurant community with Burgerway, The Restaurant, located at 15 Whitney Avenue.

We are incredibly grateful for your continued support and would be honored to have another opportunity to serve you!